For all your junk removal, trash pick-up, furniture pick-up, and even hot tub removal. We’ve got the pick-up options and prices to fit any budget.


How We Determine Price:

Our minimum charge is $125 (for reference, a pile the size of a couch).  If your pile is equal to the size of two couches, then it would be $250; the size of 3 couches, $375 and so on.  Construction debris, rocks, bricks, tile and items like that would be extra.  Tires, shingles and some other items have an extra charge *ask if you have these or something similar. You can estimate it yourself, based on that or we can come out and give you a free estimate (recommended).  If you approve it, we can load it right away, the same day, or whenever is convenient for you.

Items that we do not take are bio-hazard (dead animals, feces, bed bugs), used oil or liquids that have no lids, 55 gallon drums of liquids (no matter how full).  Yard waste in small amounts are accepted, but if you have a lot, lawn care or landscape companies are generally cheaper than junk removal companies.

If you have good, reusable items, we are able to do a lower rate because we have the Free, Cheap and Antique Store which lowers our expenses so we can pass the savings on to you.  Some ask, “Why do you charge if you resell my items?”  The answer is that after paying for the warehouse, employees, insurance and utilities (and more) we don’t really make any profit off your items.  It’s just our way of helping the community while keeping items out of the landfills.  We also have a monthly charity that we sponsor, that anyone who donates $5 or more to the charity gets half off their entire purchase!!  Last year, cumulatively, we raise over $20,000 for local charities, children hospitals, and grieving families.

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When scheduling, choose the option that is higher to be sure we schedule enough time for your project. When we arrive we will take a tour of what you need removed, give you an exact quote, and if you approve it, we will load it right on the spot!
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