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The Quarantine Cleanup: Finding a Junk Removal Company for the Finished Project

Since March, the rise of COVID-19 has remained the primary news story across the United States — Michigan is certainly no exception. Many Lansing area residents are feeling the stress of being “cooped up” with nowhere to go.   Junk removal services may not seem to correlate with what’s going on.  But many Lansing area residents may need to use the service during or just after the executive orders are withdrawn.  Quarantine cleanup may help you cope during this time.  

Stress from the quarantine

Everyone copes with stress in different ways. This has led many residents to tackle the “I’ll get to it later” tasks that have been on their minds for weeks, months or, let’s face it, years. Like with many home projects, you’re likely to find a few items during the project that need to go!

The stress associated with this pandemic has manifested in ways many people never imagined. Even people with relatively low-stress lives are experiencing stress levels causing depression and anxiety. Keeping busy during the pandemic may help.

Daily routine

In an article for Psychology Today, Marlynn Wei M.D., J.D. suggests creating a daily routine may help. as it can mimic our lives before the shutdown, especially when creating a schedule that aligns with ‘going to work.’ Because many of us aren’t working from home due to being furloughed, creating a routine of projects may help reset our brains into “work mode” and ease some of the stress associated with a disrupted schedule. 

It may seem irrelevant to set a schedule when you’re stuck at home and simply doing home projects.  But treating it like your job may help alleviate the stress and anxiety of not working at the moment. Even for those of us working during the pandemic, we are not going about our regular activities like normal and spending much more time at home. 

Tackling the projects

If this has led you to work on various projects around the home – gardening, situating your garage, remodeling or cleaning out the attic, we’ve got you covered. When you’re ready to get rid of the unwanted items you’ve found, we’re here to help. We are taking extra precautions during the global pandemic to ensure we are limiting the spread of COVID-19. We offer curbside and no-contact pickup and we are continually sanitizing our equipment. 

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