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Taking On an Estate Cleanup: How We Can Help

Making the decision of what to do with an estate you’ve inherited isn’t always an easy one. You have to decide whether to have an estate sale after the loss of a family member or to remove furniture and items from the property in other ways. Sometimes you have a bit of time to make the decision; other times, you need to work quickly for various reasons. Lansing Junk Removal can help with estate cleanup.

This process often involves family, emotions and sometimes hard decisions regarding what goes, what stays and who gets what.

Estate Sale

The thought of an estate sale may sound charming at first. But it’s not as simple as putting price tags on everything then hoping for the best. Successful estate sales are staged in a way that creates a retail-like environment for shoppers. Crystal and china are always clean, sparkling and on display.

Collections are displayed together, while furniture is often arranged in an inviting way – as it would be in your home. There may be hundreds of items for sale. But many successful estate sales have removed any clutter and trash from the premises before the sale. A smooth estate sale also leaves little room for confusion over items and prices. There are even companies specialized solely in estate sales – staging and effectively running the whole operation for you!

How We Can Help

We can help throughout this process – at the beginning or end. In the beginning, our trained and dedicated staff can come to the property with you. We’ll be taking detailed notes regarding what you would like to keep and what you would like us to haul. Don’t worry – if there’s an item we’re not sure about, we’ll ask!  This helps clear the way for you to sell some of the more valuable pieces and remove some of the items possibly disguising the value of others. At the end of an estate sale, we can gather what didn’t sell and haul it for you, opening up the property to a sale or whatever direction you and your family have decided on.

We can also assist if you don’t wish to have an estate sale. We know how difficult this process can be and offer a highly trained staff to help you through the decision of what needs to go and what stays. Whether you want us to take everything (and donate or recycle what we can), or you want to be there to catch any forgotten memories that may be hiding among the house, we can and will do that!

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