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Switching to an Open Office Concept: Pros and Cons. Oh, and What About the Stuff?

The open office concept has re-emerged in modern times as a collaborative, team-friendly working environment embraced by many industries. The traditional cubicle, which has seen a long life as it originated in the 1960s, can come across as divisive, numb and claustrophobic.

Open offices take on many forms, from benching systems where workers sit at a long, shared bench desk, to a more modern, functional and aesthetically appealing office situation. Both types – open and closed – offices have pros and cons, so which one is right for you?

New Design

The answer may not be simple – you have cost, employee reception and the time period of adjustment to look at; you also have to look at how such a drastic change can affect productivity and, let’s face it, your bottom line. Both open and closed designs have fans and naysayers alike.  Part of the solution for making the open concept work is showing employees your enthusiasm for the new design, according to Harvard Business Review.

Discussing the plan and getting feedback from your employees before the transition may be pivotal in the overall success of your new collaborative space. More importantly, embracing and acknowledging any concerns followed by acting on them can greatly improve your outcome. The HBR study showed that employees are more likely to embrace and show enthusiasm for working more closely with their teammates when their leaders are also excited to do so.

Some Like Tradition

Not all employees interviewed are fans of the open concept – and this might be something you have come across when transitioning. The cubicle, while disliked by many, has several key benefits that have made them comfortable and ideal spaces for creativity and productivity.

The cubicle offers a space many employees consider “theirs”; it provides a place that blocks out noise and visual distractions while also being personal. Another benefit you may look over is the connectivity a cubicle can provide: cords and wires can run through or along the cubicle – a feat more difficult with certain open designs.

So Much Furniture

Whether you – and your employees – decide that an open concept is right for your office, any type of transition in furniture leads to yet another dilemma: what do you do with the cubicles and old furniture? That’s where we come in: we can disassemble and remove the old so you can make room for the new. Lansing Junk Removal offers discounts for furniture and fixtures we can donate or recycle, giving you additional peace of mind.