Lansing Junk Removal in Lansing Michigan

Getting Ready for the Holidays: A Facelift for Your Home

As soon as October hits, we start seeing and hearing more advertisements for furniture, flooring, and electronics retailers and wholesalers. Why? The answer isn’t too surprising: more people want to give their living space a holiday facelift — sometimes a complete redo — in anticipation of having more guests over or simply giving themselves a gift.  Getting ready for the holidays may inspire a facelift for your home.

New Space

When you put time and effort into designing an incredible new entertaining or living space, it’s nice to have the validation that comes along with seeing friends and family enjoy your home during a time of the year when togetherness is celebrated.

Is your dining table even large enough for the holiday party you have already planned? Will your 15-year-old oven handle the pies you added to your menu? Does that wine stain from last year’s party stick out like a sore thumb? Chances are, there’s something we’ve all thought about changing in our homes and many people choose this time of year to make that change.

Plan Now For Your Holiday Facelift

Starting the planning in October or early November allows you some leeway in time before the parties start happening. It gives you the time to make last-minute changes or to ensure the delivery and installation completes on time. Many companies also offer incentives and special sales this time of year — bonus if you have a big change in mind, whether you’re planning events at your home or you’ve just really wanted to change your furniture out!

Like clothing and vehicles, a new trend always pops up with the various aspects of decorating a home. This includes your living room suite, bathroom fixtures, flooring, even appliances or accessories! Whether you’re trying to “keep up with the Joneses” or you make the decision you’re simply ready for something new, you have to figure out what to do with the old – that’s where we come in! You need a junk removal company to help relieve you of your older items.

We Can Help

Our highly trained staff will come in and remove during your “out with the old, in with the new!” phase, allowing you to create your dream entertaining space in time for all the parties and intimate get-togethers you have up your sleeve. We help make getting ready for the holidays easier.  You don’t have anything to feel guilty about, either, as we’re dedicated to keeping as much out of the landfill as possible; we donate or recycle everything we’re able to!