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Complete Office & Property Clean Out!

Business equipment is no joke. It’s often heavy and hard to take apart, so let the experts take care of it. We’ll take everything apart piece by piece, and get it out of your sight for good. By the time we’re done, it will look like a whole new office!

We do tear down and disassembly of large items, equipment, or machinery.  Cleanout and removal of store fixtures, restaurant equipment, office furniture, cubicles, equipment.  We charge by the truck load, fast, and efficient.  Most projects can be less than a day to complete.

Only about 20% of what we remove ends up in a dump.  The rest is recycled or donated.  If it is good, reusable stuff, don’t worry we don’t throw that away!  We donate these items and give discounts for those.


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  • Small to large jobs
  • Collector and Hoarder experts (As Seen on TV)
  • State of Michigan vendor
  • We are fast and offer days, evenings, Saturdays, or whenever works for you at no additional cost!
  • Metal Recycling, Cardboard and other material Recycling, and Upcycling to avoid landfills and reduce our footprint
  • Baby Boomer Downsizing
  • Estate Clean Out
  • Rental Property Clean Out
  • Storage Unit Clean Out
  • Foreclosure and Eviction Clean Out

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