Collector / “Hoarding”

There are two ways that we typically handle hoarding / collecting home removal.

Option one: We work with the home owner, have them sit near the door, in their favorite chair, and bring everything to them and have them give a verdict to one of four options.  We can donate, trash, keep, or think about (what they want to do) with each item.  We have been through this process before. *There is a small extra charge for the extra time and labor.

Option two: *This is an un-preferred method and can often cause more trouble and heart-ache than help for the home owner, and those trying to help them.*  The family / friends can take the home owner out for a weekend or a few hours while we clean up, and remove everything from the home.  If the home owner is unaware that this is happening it can cause lots of stress and can be a hindrance on the issue as a whole.  If the home owner is aware and approves, it can turn out okay, but it is still a huge change that they may not be fully prepared for and can also cause more mental issues.


In the unfortunate event that the home owner has passed away, we recommend to the family to go through and sell what they can, or want to keep first, and then use that money towards getting the rest of it cleaned out.  As we go through everything, anything that we find that needs to be returned (like cable boxes), family heirlooms, or bills/ papers/ or documents that may be of importance we set aside, and bring back to you.

If there is any concern with the collector or family- we would also like to note that we sort though everything in our warehouse to pull out all recyclable material and donate as much as we can, and give discounts for the removal based on those items.

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4.20.15 Holt Hoarder


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