The Quarantine Cleanup: Finding a Junk Removal Company for the Finished Project

Since March, the rise of COVID-19 has remained the primary news story across the United States — Michigan is certainly no exception. With executive orders in place for residents to stay home except for essential business, many Lansing area residents are feeling the stress of being “cooped up” with nowhere to go.  Junk removal services may not seem to correlate with what’s going on, but many Lansing area residents may need to use the service during or just after the executive orders are withdrawn.  Quarantine cleanup may help you cope during this time.  

Stress from the quarantine

Everyone copes with stress in different ways. This has led many residents to tackle the “I’ll get to it later” tasks that have been on their minds for weeks, months or, let’s face it, years. Like with many home projects, you’re likely to find a few items during the project that need to go!

The stress associated with this pandemic has manifested in ways many people never imagined; even people with relatively low-stress lives are experiencing stress levels causing depression and anxiety. Keeping busy during the pandemic may help.

Daily routine

In an article for Psychology Today, Marlynn Wei M.D., J.D. suggests creating a daily routine may help as it can mimic our lives before the shutdown, especially when creating a schedule that aligns with ‘going to work.’ Because many of us aren’t working from home due to being furloughed, creating a routine of projects may help reset our brains into “work mode” and ease some of the stress associated with a disrupted schedule. 

It may seem irrelevant to set a schedule when you’re stuck at home and simply doing home projects, but treating it like your job may help alleviate the stress and anxiety of not working at the moment. Even for those of us working during the pandemic, we are not going about our regular activities like normal and spending much more time at home. 

Tackling the projects

If this has led you to work on various projects around the home – gardening, situating your garage, remodeling or cleaning out the attic, we’ve got you covered when you’re ready to get rid of the unwanted items you’ve found. We are taking extra precautions during the global pandemic to ensure we are limiting the spread of COVID-19. We offer curbside and no-contact pickup and we are continually sanitizing our equipment. 

Connect with Lansing Junk Removal today to get rid of your stuff.

Spring Cleaning: Decluttering Your Home and Life for a Fresh Start

Every year as more sunlight fills our days and the daffodils start peeking up from the soil, many of us experience newfound energy and sense of optimism. Many of us also use this time of year to perform a deeper clean of the house. The term “spring cleaning” has been used so many times it’s used as a catch-phrase and even as a slang term. While a number of people consider spring cleaning a necessary part of maintaining a home, others see it as a time to purge, clean and reorganize.

It’s not just about deep cleaning those nooks and crannies, although you definitely need to make sure and get those areas! Decluttering is a major part of spring cleaning and research is showing it has several benefits. Decluttering your home provides benefits to your mental health and is the focus of a few studies lately.

A few benefits include improving your overall mood and reducing the amount of stress women face in their daily lives by reducing the clutter. 

Tick that List

Before you begin your spring cleaning and decluttering endeavor, make a list of areas you know for sure you want to tackle. This list helps you stay on top of things without getting sidetracked or running out of time for a key area. 

Focus on Specific Areas

Instead of listing “master bathroom,” consider instead making one item on your list “bathroom medicine cabinets.” If you have several medicine cabinets in the house, this allows you to remember to hit them all. Don’t try to tackle every area in one day – it can become overwhelming and frustrating. Instead, maybe do one area per day during the week and save the big projects for the weekend. 

The Three Piles

When going through closets, cabinets, pantries and the like, make three different piles: one of stuff you’re keeping, one of stuff you’re definitely tossing, and one of stuff you’re either not sure about or can donate. If you find yourself with a lot of usable stuff, consider hosting a purge party with friends. A purge party allows you and your friends to swap clothes, unopened or barely used toiletries, or even household items. 

The Final Bit

When you’ve finished decluttering your home, there’s no shame in your junk game! If you realize you need a junk removal service to get what your purge party left behind, we can help with that. 

Even now during COVID-19 Lansing Junk Removal is offering no contact junk removal to help make your spring cleaning easier.  Contact us today to get started.